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Knowing these few things can help you get the most out of your escort experience.

1. Have a Shave

Most escorts do not like rough abrasive five o'clock shadows. Clean shaven is always the best approach.

2. Clean Clothing

All women prefer clean underwear smelling fresh as roses. You will significantly reduce the experience by presenting your best parts in the form of smelly draws.

3. Alcohol

There is nothing wrong with a drink to calm the nerves or help you get into the mood, anything more than that is a big mistake. There is nothing worse than beer breath and let’s face it alcohol reduces performance. Escorts typically will not drink on the job; it is therefore a good idea not to force the issue. There is nothing wrong with offering a drink but expect them to refuse.

4. Gifts

Gifts are not a typical part of escort encounters, that being said if this is your thing, not escort will be unhappy to receive a surprise.

5. Money

Always have your money ready prior to meeting with the escort, make sure you have the correct amount as agreed upon when you placed the booking. Cash is always the preferred currency and most agencies and escorts on deal in this form. Payment should always be made upfront prior to anything happening, this is to avoid any complications later, so do not be surprised when you are asked for the money shortly after meeting.
Also never try and barter with about the money, pay the price and agreed.

6. Conversation

Always be polite, many think that they can behave how they want to an escort … this cannot be further from the truth. Escorts are people who have feelings, being polite and kind will pay-off and improve the overall experience. No escort will go the extra mile for a jerk.
Try to avoid the following common questions:

Being an escort is not an easy job, and many of these questions will not help make your evening a better one. In fact, taking an escorts mind off these subjects will serve to make the experience far better for both of you.

7. Safe Sex

Most escorts will not practice sex without protection this is for both their safety and yours. As much as you may want to have sex without a condom consider the risks. If she agrees with you then she has most likely agreed with others.

8. Sexual Don’t

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